Interview: Snow White´s Poison Bite

mit Allan Cotterill vom 21. Juni 2013 via Mail
Snow White´s Poison Bite - wieder einer diese schrägen Namen, die in den letzten Jahren immer wieder mal durch die Musikszene geisterte. Doch was verbirgt sich hinter diesem so poetisch klingenden Giftbiss Schneewittchens? Wieder nur eine weitere junge Core-Truppe, wie sie gerade zu Hauf auf jedem gefühlt zweitem Live-Event herumgurken?
Was macht den Sound der Truppe überhaupt zu etwas Besonderem und was treibt die jungen Musiker dazu an, in für die Musikindustrie so schweren Zeiten kreativ tätig zu sein? Wie schaffen sie es ihr Privatleben und den Beruf getrennt zu halten? Ist das Leben on Tour anstrengend, oder nur die reinste Orgie, so wie es sich der eine oder andere Fan gerne ausmalt?
In knackig kurzer Form gibt uns der Frontmann Allan Cotterill Antworten auf all unsere Fragen.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

The Interview:

Alex: Hi Allan! How are you doing?
Allan Cotterill: I'm doing just fine, thanks for asking! Currently we're enjoying our first tour through America.
Alex: How are things going with Snow Whites Poison Bite?
Allan Cotterill: Things are going really great! We're touring, signed to a new label, released a new album and made a new music video. Everything is exciting at the moment!
Alex: What would you say are the main aspects which make your music special and unique?
Allan Cotterill: We’re just pushing the future of horror-rock in a new direction with our own twist.
Alex: How would you roughly describe the band’s stylistic development and history? Where would you see the main stations or “milestones” of the band’s past?
Allan Cotterill: I think our debut album "The Story Of Kristy Killings" opened up the doors for Snow White´s Poison Bite and now again with this new album. I just want to progress with each album and make something different every time.
Alex: And what can you tell us about your latest album, Featuring: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show?
Allan Cotterill: It's one hell of a good time and everybody who likes horror style music will love it. Go pick it up!
Alex: What reactions about the new album did you get from the fans and press so far?
Allan Cotterill: Everything has been real positive with fans and press. Obviously you can't make everybody happy and I'm not aiming to do that anyway. We just feel lucky and are happy with the response, which we get from the fans and the press.
Alex: In general, how important are the critics of fans and press for you personally?
Allan Cotterill: To tell the truth, I don't care what critics think. I write music for myself because it's what I love to do and I'm lucky to have so many fans that like the music I write.
Alex: Has there been anything special about the production process?
Allan Cotterill: Getting the album art ready was special, I really love the way that turned out.
Alex: Are you satisfied by the results or are there maybe some things you’d have done in a different way now?
Allan Cotterill: I'm satisfied with everything! Nothing more to say.
Alex: Which track from the new album do you like most and why?
Allan Cotterill: I like all of them, but the most special track would be "Zombie Romance" with Michale Graves. He has always been my hero and it is an honor to have him on the album.
Alex: Generally, how is you songwriting process done? Is it like actually composing them or more like having a large-scale jam session?
Allan Cotterill: It is a strange process I go through, no songs are made in a jam session. I just write everything at home on my computer.
Alex: What’s the intention behind your music? Do you want to transport a certain message – or different ones in different songs? Or is it more like pure entertainment?
Allan Cotterill: Obviously it's entertainment and we just want to send a positive message to all of our fans.
Alex: Surely a lot of fans have questions they would like to ask you. Now think the other way ‘round: If you had the time to ask any metal fan in the world a few questions, what would that be?
Allan Cotterill: I would probably ask them some questions about their favorite horror movies.
Alex: How important is the direct fan contact? Do you try to stay in touch with them 24/7?
Allan Cotterill: It's really important! I try my best with that, but the more fans you get the harder it is to stay in contact with everybody.
Alex: Is it sometimes hard for you to manage this professional life as a musician besides personal life with your family?
Allan Cotterill: Life is a learning experience and my family supports me with my dream. They know this is what I want to do.
Alex: Are there any special gigs or a bigger tour planned for 2013?
Allan Cotterill: We're working on some real special things that I can't talk about at the moment. But be prepared for some special news!
Alex: Generally, how do you prepare for an exhausting tour?
Allan Cotterill: Well this is our first tour in America. I didn't expect it to be easy all the time, but we're enjoying it and we finally get to meet our amazing fans every night.
Alex: When you’re touring the world and you’re meeting so many people, is it like you actually see them again here and there? Or isn’t it so many that come and go that they’re merely faces for you?
Allan Cotterill: Yes, I usually remember people if I see them for a second time. We've had that alot since we've been here.
Alex: Have there been any disturbing experiences? Maybe fans that went “too far”?
Allan Cotterill: No, I have something in common with all of our fans. There's nothing they could say or do that would be disturbing to me.
Alex: What can you tell us about your future? Already working on new songs?
Allan Cotterill: I have been writing lyrics for the new album, but will start on the music when I get home. I also have a title for the next album that I want to use.
Alex: What direction will the next record take if it comes to musical or stylistic questions? Any major changes planned? Maybe some guest vocalists?
Allan Cotterill: I have a few people in mind for guest vocals, but obviously all of this is far away at the moment. The direction and ideas I have are going to blow people away.
Alex: Then thanks for the interview! Would you mind saying a few final greetings to the fans out there?
Allan Cotterill: Thank you and thank you to all of our fans. Spread the word!
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