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Interview: Bullet for My Valentine

mit Michael Thomas vom 22. März 2013 Huxleys, Berlin
Gerade erst vor wenigen Wochen haben Bullet for My Valentine ihr neues Album Temper Temper veröffentlicht. Die Reaktionen von Presse und Fans darauf waren - wie soll man es anders erwarten - äußerst zwiegespalten. Während die einen es mit höhsten Wertungen in den Himmel lobten, sahen die anderen den zuvor so erfolgreich gesponnen roten Faden verloren. Es fehle der Scheibe einfach an der nötigen Durchschlagskraft, was sie zu einem seicht dahinplätschernden Aufguss mache.
Um herauszufinden, wie es zu den Unterschieden zwischen der aktuellen Scheibe und seinem, Vorgänger Fever (2010) kam, wieso es überhaupt so lange gedauert hat, bis die Jungs neues Material in den STartlöchern hatten und wie man auf solches Feedback reagiert, trafen wir uns mit Drummer Michael Thomas kurz vor dem Auftritt der Truppe in Huxleys Neuer Welt in Berlin zu einem gemütlichen Interview.
Leider war Moos an diesem Nachmittag nicht sonderlich gesprächig. Ob es wohl am winterhaften Märzwetter liegt, oder doch an den ausgiebigen Touraktivitäten? Man weiß es nicht. Trotzdem möchten wir euch seine knackig prägnanten Antworten nicht vorenthalten.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

The Interview:

Adrian Erben: Hey Guys, this is Metal Trails! Today we are at Huxley's New World in Berlin and we are talking with ...
Michael "Moose" Thomas: ... with Moose from Bullet for my Valentine. I'm the drummer.
Adrian Erben: Recently you released your new album, Temper Temper. I heard that this time the writing process was different to your prior releases, more like the way it was done in AxeWound. If you compare both the different ways of recording and writing, which one do you like better?
Michael Thomas: Both are really fun. You know, obviously on previous albums we would go in and write the songs before recording them. This time we would go in and didn't know what was happening, what was quite funny as well, because we didn't know what to do. (laughs)
Adrian Erben: So you didn't prepare anything before?
Michael Thomas: No, not really. We just went in with nothing and we would record as we were writing. All in all that's really great fun!
Adrian Erben: On Temper Temper you changed the bands style from fast songs to heavier ones. Was there a special idea behind that? And what influence had your producer Don Gilmore?
Michael Thomas: Well, he joined us on Fever where he did a very well job. So basically we decided to give him another shot on Temper Temper, but he wouldn't do very much to be honest.
Adrian Erben: You mean he didn't do anything?
Michael Thomas: No! Well, a little bit. But he didn't as much as he did on Fever, cause we knew from Fever what to do. So in the end we kind of did his job.
Adrian Erben: So he took the chilling part!
Michael Thomas: Yeah, he did!
Adrian Erben: I heard that Rick Rubin does similarly, Corey Taylor says that he wasn't there most of the time while recording with Slipknot.
Michael Thomas: Yeah, I heard that he doesn't show up. As a musician I wouldn't like that. It's his job to be always present.
Adrian Erben: Meanwhile Ozzy Osbourne says that he's always present...
Michael Thomas: Well, he will be for Black Sabbath. He was also there all the time for Metallica. Anywhere else he doesn't show up. He shows up for the important bands.
Adrian Erben: Well, that's kind of a bad commentary on Slipknot. Let's go back to the new album ... Whats your favorite track on Temper Temper?
Michael Thomas: Well ... I like "Breaking Point", I like "Leech" and I also like "Dirty Little Secrets",... "Dead to the World"... It's kinda hard to pick! The whole album is great.
Adrian Erben: Breaking Point is indeed a very nice song! But actually there's another track I want to talk about, Tears Don't Fall, Pt. II. Why did you choose to make a sequel to Tears Don't Fall?
Michael Thomas: Well, we were sittin' in Thailand, drinkin' beer and then we wanted to do something like a sequel to one of our songs. So we asked our fans on the internet which kind of song they would like to hear. And they picked "Tears Don't Fall"! That's the whole story ... As for now, it’s hard to decide which songs will prove best over time and rotations.
Adrian Erben: So in the end your fans are responsible for this decision...
Michael Thomas: Yeah! They've done a good job.
Adrian Erben: This is pretty cool! Let's move on... The record went to number 15 on the Billboard 200 and to number 5 on the German Charts. How do you feel about that, does it fulfill your expectations?
Michael Thomas: Actually, I don't care anymore about record numbers and such things. I think in the next five to ten years those numbers wont even exist anymore.
Adrian Erben: Why?
Michael Thomas: This is the way it's going. The sales of physical CDs diminuish and there is an increasing number of illegal downloads. This whole music industry is changing very fast.
Adrian Erben: What about legal downloads?
Michael Thomas: I know there's iTunes and that shit, but I don't value the success of the download industry.
Adrian Erben: This is a serious problem I guess...
Michael Thomas: Well, it's a serious problem for the record companies, but not for us!
Adrian Erben: So you still get money? (Laugh)
Michael Thomas: Yeah, of course we do!
Adrian Erben: This record company stuff is really complicated I guess...
Michael Thomas: Oh yeah, it is!
Adrian Erben: Let's talk about music in general. Contemporary music brought us some special phenomenons like Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake. Do you like them?
Michael Thomas: No. It's just some weird stuff from the Internet, I don't like stuff like that. I think the world needs another Nirvana. I really think there will be one...
Adrian Erben: That would be nice! Would it be an option for you to use electronic stuff on BFMV songs?
Michael Thomas: No, no.
Adrian Erben: Well, Bring Me the Horizon does...
Michael Thomas: Yeah, I like Bring Me the Horizon. It's their choice and it suits their kind of style, but not for Bullet for My Valentine.
Adrian Erben: Let's switch to Black Sabbath. In June the band will release their first album with Ozzy since 1978. Are you looking forward to it?
Michael Thomas: I'll definitely give it a listen!
Adrian Erben: Do you prefer Ozzy or Dio?
Michael Thomas: I prefer Ozzy Osbourne!
Adrian Erben: And why?
Michael Thomas: Because for me, I think his voice is way better, it's more distinctive and more original. And the albums he did with Black Sabbath are way better than the Dio ones!
Adrian Erben: ... and he's also a pretty cool guy! My last three questions... Another topic! Matt plays in a supergroup, would this be an option for you, too?
Michael Thomas: No, I don't think so.
Adrian Erben: Why?
Michael Thomas: I don't know! I enjoy my time off. I don't do anything then! I mean, when Bullet's not touring we are still workin' on new songs and that kind of stuff.
Adrian Erben: And surely you need also some free time between touring and recording.Which drummer got you into drumming?
Michael Thomas: Dave Grohl!
Adrian Erben: Really? I read about Lars Ulrich and Vinnie Paul Abbott!
Michael Thomas: Jep, they were another two. But first, there was Dave Grohl and then I got into the others...
Adrian Erben: So I guess you like the Foo Fighters?
Michael Thomas: I love the Foo Fighters... And I also love Nirvana!!
Adrian Erben: Which are your future plans with the band?
Michael Thomas: Well, just touring. We will tour this album until we can't tour it anymore. And then we'll start recording a new album. I think we'll start already in January!
Adrian Erben: Wow, this is really near in time!
Michael Thomas: We also write during the tour, so we can easily start, when we're back home.
Adrian Erben: It seems like workin' in the studio is fun to you!
Michael Thomas: No, actually it isn't ... (laughs)
Adrian Erben: So why do you want to do it?
Michael Thomas: We have January off, so why not? It's better than doing nothing, so we'll start then.
Adrian Erben: This is pretty nice, I'm lookin' forward to it. For now I have no more questions, thank you!
Moderation: Adrian Erben; Fotografie: Adrian Erben
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