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Interview: Stick to Your Guns

vom 16. Januar 2013 Docks, Hamburg
Warum passiert es, dass sobald man mehr als ein einzelnes Bandmitglied zum Interview lädt, dass dann in den meisten Fällen sofort das große Chaos losbricht? Plötzlich kann keiner mehr zwei ernsthafte Sätze aneinander Reihen, ohne dass etwas völlig abgespactes bei dem Versuch herauskommt. Ein wahrlich interessantes Phänomen, welches unabhängig vom Subgenre sich durch den gesamten Metal zu ziehen scheint. Ob sich wohl schon der eine oder andere Musikethnologe oder Soziologe mit der Thematik beschäftigt hat?
Die Jungs von Stick to Your Guns, die die Hansestadt innerhalb kurzer Zeit nun zum zweiten Male beehren konnten, durften sich als Support für Agnostic Front, Hetabreed und H2O vor gut besuchtem Punblikum neue Fans erspielen, doch zuvor ging es noch zum Interview mit Metal Trails. Da stellte sich schnell heraus, dass auch hier dieser im Rudel hervortretende Spaßtrieb zum Vorschein kam ...
So wird munter von einer vor Fantasie sprühenden Fanlotterie berichtet, die unter anderem 17 Tage nach Vollmond stattfindet, deren Ticket 69 Cent kostet und deren Hauptgewinn - man darf gespannt sein - 69 Cent sind! Also, wer ein echter Fan ist, der wird jetzt gleich los ziehen und sich ein Los kaufen! Sonst wird es mit dem neuen Album nichts!
Apropos neues Album ... es wird schon munter daran gedacht, an einem Nachfolger für die 2012 erschienene Scheibe Diamond zu werkeln. Ab wann man mit dem Silberling rechnen kann, wie man als Band in Zeiten aller schon gespielten guten Riffs noch brauchbare Songs schreiben kann, erfahrt ihr in unserem Gespräch mit Drummer George Schmitz, Sänger Jesse Barnett und dem 2012 zur Band gestoßenen Gitarristen Josh James.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Das Interview:

Alex: Hey friends, it's Metal Trails and today we're here at the Docks in Hamburg and we're talking to ...
George Schmitz: ... to George ...
Jesse Barnett: ... Jesse ...
Josh James: ... and Josh from Stick to Your Guns!
Alex: You're on tour right now, how is it going?
George: It's going great! It's a honor and privilege to play with all the great bands like Hatebreed and Agnostic Front on this Persistence Tour.
Jesse: It's going really well, besides the fact, that we are all pretty tired. But it's good ... it's cold outside, because it's snowing right now in Hamburg. So, it's very cold. Do you agree?
Alex: Yes! Do you like snow?
Jesse: I do! I live in a place, that has a lot of snow. So I don't know ... it's normal I guess.
Josh: I don't like snow, because it sucks! It's uncomfortable, you know? Especially, when your on tour.
Alex: Did anything special or especially memorable happen on this tour so far?
Jesse: Yes: Hatebreed, Agnostic Front and H2O play every night. That's pretty memorable. So, that's enough.
George: That would be my answer, too ...
Josh: Yeah, for sure ... you know, every night you've got to watch an awesome band. And every night is better then the first. So it's quite cool.
Alex: How is it for you to play concerts abroad? Is it still a thrill?
Jesse: Yeah, I like it. It's fun. It's special I guess, going to see places, that you normally can't see. Traveling all the time is really great.
Alex: And how about sightseeing on tour?
Jesse: We try to do it as much as we possibly can. Today we tried, too. We attempted it, because it's to fucking cold out there. So we just came back.
Alex: Do you actually notice a difference between the crowds in the different countries?
George: I think, especially most of England and Europe is just awesome for us. As a plus the fans seem to be just a little bit more - I guess - dedicated. I think that's a good word to use. As a minus fans in America fans are often a littler bit more conservative. Well, it seems, that once you guys like a band here in Europe, you letter on and you become serious fans.
Josh: People over here seem to be less trendy versus mostly everywhere else in the world. Like he was saying: If someone ends up liking your band, it kinda seems, that they are a fan for the live. You will see that act every single time and you bring your fans to the concerts. That's more insane, each time when we're here.
Jesse: Absolutely! And also another thing I like is, if you put a song like people don't like in America, they will hate your band forever. If you put out a song, people don't like in Germany, they still come up to your shows. "To hear that song fucking sucks, but we like your band and hopefully the next couple of songs, you put out, will be good." I mean, they still like the band, even if they if you do something, they don't really like at the time. They still stick with you.
Josh: This German honesty ...
Jesse: Yes, we called it the German honesty ...[laughs]
Alex: Your latest album Diamond has been released in March 2012. When can the fans expect any new material?
Josh: Later!
George: Later? I think we'll go ahead and write 2013 off, but I think it's going to be early 2014 ... maybe!
Josh: Check back in six months, there will be an update!
Jesse: Right now, we don't really know, how things will be going. It's not our main concern right now. It's not the top of our priority list, but it's on the list. It's maybe in the top five things right now.
Alex: In general, how is your songwriting process done?
Jesse: We get together and we write songs I guess. I don't know ... I wish I had something better to say, but that's it.
Josh: The next record, we'll put out, where George will get the lyrics, Jesse is going to do the beats, I will just do the guitars and Chris and Andrew are just going to do what they are always doing.
Alex: Do you try to reinvent your sound with every single release or is it just like copying the old stuff?
Jesse: We can't reinvent it, but maybe we'll do some things a little bit more different, then we've done before.
Josh: Some kind of progress ...
Alex: What kind of progress?
Josh: Make it better ... that's the whole progress.
Jesse: Yeah, exactly. Hopefully just any progress instead of .... what's the opposite of progress, George?
George: Regress! Alex: I'm asking because a lot of great musicians tend to say, that every great riff has been already played somewhere. George: Thats true, it's 2013 ... at this point everyone is writing from someone else. We just try to put in a spin on, I guess.
Alex: So whats your recipe to win new fans?
George: Guys, how can we win new fans?
Josh: A lottery!
Josh: Yeah, the lottery and hopefully by just doing, what we're doing. I mean, you know ... we're looking to just make a natural progression. I'd like to think, that like what ever we put out with the last couple of records - what we did with them, was what naturally felt right to us.
Alex: So would you say, that you're writing your songs for yourself, or for the fans?
George: For our selves ... definitely for our selves. Musically and I guess as far as our social and political agenda, too.
Alex: Let's come back to this so called fan lottery ... what can you tell us about it?
Josh: It's 69 cents to buy a ticket and on the quarter of every month in the middle of the year, usually about 17 days passed the full moon, we will draw a ticket and the winner will be contacted via duck. A duck will come up and show you it's ass ... it's a crazy process. I know it sounds fake, but it's not!
George: We don't have the liberty, to disclose a lot of the details, because it's a highly covered secret among bands.
Alex: What's the first prize?
George: 69 cents ...
Alex: And how about sex with the band? You know, sex sells and there are a lot fans out there, who would participate this lottery just for having sex with you ...
George: No!
Jesse: We wanna get new fans ... that's the point of the lottery.
Alex: Isn't sex the best way to get new fans?
Jesse: No ... [shoked]
Where is your mind?!
Alex: Thats like one of this scary Weird Al moments ... do you know him?
George: Do I know Weird Al? Yes, of course! It's the songbird of our generation. Running with Scissors ... a timeless album.
Jesse: I mean, if I was a musician like Weird Al, I would be much better off then today.
Alex: Sounds great! We're coming to the end right now. What's up next for the band?
Josh: We go home after this and then we'll do a tour with Pennywise and Lagwagon. We're proud about that, because we all grow up on those bands. And then we'll do another tour in the states with The Ghost Inside and then we're coming back to Europe for a headliner tour. Then we go back and do Warped Tour 2013. So from now until like September on tour ... that will be a busy and good year.
Alex: All the best for your future, now it's up to you to leave some final greetings for the fans out there.
George: Live long and prosper!
Jesse: I don't know ... thank you every one out there, who comes to Persistance Tour.
Josh: Don't forget your lottery tickets to become a real fan!
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