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Interview: LaFaro

mit Jonny Black vom 1. Februar 2012 via Mail
In diesem Interview berichtet uns Jonny Black, seines Zeichens Sänger und Gitarrist der im nordirischen Belfast heimischen Alternative Rock-Band LaFaro, vom im Oktober 2011 erschienenen zweiten Album der Band namens Easy Meat, der Bedeutung dieses griffigen Titels sowie der Entstehungsgeschichte der Songs und selbstverständlich vib der nächsten Platte der Truppe, deren Produktion sich bereits in den Startlöchern befindet!
Außerdem bietet uns Jonny einen kleinen oder besser gesagt minimalistischen Einblick in die stilistische Entwicklung der Band sowie in sein ganz persönliches Schlüsselerlebnis, welches ihn schon in jungen Jahren packte und zur Rockmusik führte. Bei dem Blick in die Vergangenheit der im Jahre 2004 gegründeten Band darf ein kleiner Ausblick in die Zukunft natürlich nicht fehlen: Im Februar dieses Jahres ist die Band auf diversen europäischen Bühnen unterwegs und kehrt daraufhin zurück ins United Kingdom, um im Sommer bereits mit der nächsten Platte wieder durch Europa zu touren. Die Fans können sich also auf ausgiebige Touraktivitäten und neues Songmaterial freuen!
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

The interview:

Alex: Hi Jonny! How has been the last year for LaFaro? Any memorable moments or experiences?
It has been a wild year for us; we've got a new member, we've killed three vans, we've broken bones, and we've played more shows than ever before. Seeing so many famous European cities for the first time has been a highlight.
Alex: Can you tell us something about the main aspects of your musical style? How would you personally describe the LaFaro sound?
Jonny: Each of us is into very different music, from traditional music and great song-writers through to hip-hop and all the wierd sub-genres of punk, rock and roll, and metal. I suppose our music is a clash of all this music. We were recently described as 'bastard music'; Perfect.
Alex: What have been the very first reactions of others to your music? Was there any change in the feedback of your listeners over the last couple of years?
Jonny: People have always reacted in the same way; they are either instantly attracted to the sound and buy us gifts, or vomit with disgust. We try not to give the listener a choice...
Alex: In October 2011 you released your latest album „Easy Meat“. What can you tell us about the production process? Did everything work out as planned?
Jonny: Our new album 'Easy Meat' was released on October 3rd on Smalltown America Records. We have been working with the same studio engineer for quite a few years now (he won't allow himself to be called a producer). He basically sets the live-room up and we go for it. Doing it this way allows for interesting things to happen. Most of what is on the new record was the 1st take, and then a second layer of guitars added afterward. Everytime we record the process gets easier, and we managed to get this recording finished in less than a week. I think that the trick for a successful recording is not to plan it too much, just prepare well, and then accept what happens during your time in the studio.
Alex: How was the creative process? Have there been any interesting experiences?
Jonny: We gave ourselves 3 weeks to write the songs for this album. In hindsight; not enough time! The music all came together quickly enough, but I like to write the lyrics as we write the music and there just wasn't time in that 3 week period. So my next week was mainly spent pulling my hair out, punching tables, snapping pens in two and lots of notebook scribbling.
Alex: How did the title come to be? What does it mean for you?
Jonny: 'Easy meat' is a funny little expression used all over our stupid country. It has a few different meanings depending on where you are from; its pretty hard to explain actually! I don't know if this will translate, but to us it's a way of answering a question with 'no problem'. Actually, I've just realised that it does translate - Kein Problem!
Alex: What reactions about the new album did you get so far?
Jonny: We've had some great reviews and people seem to really enjoy it. And everyone I meet has a different favourite song, which is nice...
Alex: Are there any remarkable differences between „Easy Meat“ and its predecessor „LaFaro“?
Jonny: Just one difference - it rocks so much fucking harder.
Alex: What can you tell us about the upcoming record? Any songs left over from the last songwrtiting process?
Jonny: We dont re-use old songs. Bands develop over time, and so do the people in them. It's pretty important for a band to constantly move forward, don't you think?
Alex: Can the fans expect an exhausting tour in 2012?
Jonny: We're going round all of Europe in February. Except France (ha ha). It's our first tour of this year. Then we're back to do UK shows and then Ireland. Then some recording. And then its festival time! And then after the summer we'll be back round Europe with a new record. So it should be a busy year for us, but not exhausting; we love doing this.
Alex: What are your expectations for such a tour? Are there any countries you are especially looking forward to visit?
Jonny: Our country is fucking tiny, and full of red-haired idiots. So it's really exciting for us to travel to different parts of Europe and meet lots of interesting (and beautiful) people. Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria are all amazing places. And Germany has been a big surprise. For years the English have been trying to convince the world that the Germans never laugh, that they all wear storm-trooper uniforms and that they are all called Siegfried. But the German people are some of the warmest, funniest people we have ever met. And they know how to drink beer. And build race-tracks. What's not to love?
Alex: How would you roughly describe the band’s stylistic development?
Jonny: Loud. Getting louder.
Alex: What would you personally say has been your greatest success with the band so far?
Jonny: That's far too porngraphic to talk about.
Alex: How did you personally get in touch with music? Was there any symbolic moment or event in your life?
Jonny: I was about 13, face covered in spots, and still trying to play Bach on the piano when my best mate suddenly started lending me all his favourite records - Tool, Pantera, Sonic Youth, Helmet, The Melvins, Biohazard, Slayer, Nirvana, R.A.T.M. and so on. And his dad had a guitar! I was never the same again...
Alex: Did you gain some kind of new experience over the years by beeing part of „LaFaro“?
Jonny: I've gotten very used to having no money and still having a good time. A very important life-skill.
Alex: What’s up next for LaFaro? What can the fans expect from you in the future?
Jonny: More riffs, and more silly jokes at the audiences' and our own expense. Be there!
Alex: Thanks for taking the time for this interview!
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