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Interview: September Code

mit Dim Koskinas vom 21. Januar 2013
Die Jungs vom griechische Progressiv-Quintett September Code haben mit ihrem doch recht kompakten Album unter dem Titel Remembering Mirrors, ihre mittlerweile zweite Scheibe erfolgreich veröffentlichen können. In ihrer zehnjährigen Laufbahn werden sie - mit ihrem zweischneidigen Schwert aus Progressiv-Pop und -Rock - 2013 zur Freude der Fans erstmals die europäischen Bühnen besuchen können. Und welche Erwartungen stellt die Band an diese Shows? Ist man als Musiker vor einer solchen Tour richtig aufgeregt, oder freut man sich im Vorfeld lieber noch ganz nüchtern, bis man das erste Feedback hat?
Das Kollektiv schwimmt mit seinem Sound an den Ufern von Größen wie Porcupine Tree oder Anathema, aber nie ohne den eigenen Stil aus den Augen zu verlieren und sogar teilweise traditionelle griechische Einflüsse einzuweben. Die anstehende Europa-Tour von September Code bietet uns die Möglichkeit der Band im Vorfeld schon ein wenig auf den Zahn zu fühlen und eventuell den einen oder anderen anstehenden Termin zu erfahren.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

The Interview:

Michael: First of all, a happy new year guys! Thank you for taking the time for this interview. What's your name and your role in September Code?
Dim: Happy new year to you and to everyone at Metal Trails! I’m Dim Koskinas and I sing and play guitar for September Code.
Michael: How' was the weather in Greece at Christmas and New Years Eve?
Dim: Fine as always.
Michael: September Code - What's the story behind your band name?
Dim: It’s actually a long story. Septem in Latin means seven, the number of creation. September is the month when Greek people feel refreshed and creativity runs through our veins. Why? Well, that’s hard to explain, it will “sound Greek” to you… this is when “code” enters…
Michael: You have your second album out and it has this romantic title "Remembering Mirrors". Can tell us about it and the concept behind it? What is the idea behind this album?
Dim: The title is not romantic. Not at all. This is a concept album. It describes the inner battle within all of us. Who are the opponents? It’s who we want to be, let’s say the “good” or the “right” side of us against the “bad” or the “wrong” one. During the fourteen songs of the Album, this battle rages on until one side prevails. During our live, we remember mirrors of ourselves, sides of us that we sometimes forget that they exist. But these sides are always there and this “wrong against right” battle could happen to anyone more than once.
Michael: How did you guys do the songwriting: Did you come with finished songs or more like ideas and worked it out in the studio?
Dim: Ideas come to be songs in the studio. September Code’s sound is based on mixing elements of all the five of us. We all have influences from many music scenes and if these influences are mixed then you get … September Code!
Michael: As a new singer/guitarist, in my opinion, you led to the sound becoming a bit warmer and softer. Was this a conscious development?
Dim: Well , it’s difficult to speak about myself… the guys were looking for someone suitable for the band’s sound and with a character to match with them. It’s a matter of chemistry. Speaking about the sound’s direction, every development happens consciously. One could say it’s warmer and softer while other could find it heavier…
Michael: I have the impression that the first half of RM focusses a little bit more on the pop aspects of your music while the second half, from the title track to the epic "X E Cute 2" on, leads into in a more rock-like direction. Do you agree?
Dim: No, actually I don’t. Ok, you can say that “Humanize” is more radio – friendly, but it is a Rock song. I would say that the whole album mixes a great variety of sounds in a unique way. Keep in mind that the track listing depends on the lyrics concept.
Michael: What's the story behind the fragile "Airth"?
Dim: “Airth” is the last track, where the inner battle ends. While searching within for the “good” side of us we come to the conclusion that it was always there, inside us. “All you could have done is look” (Last words of the album).
Michael: Did you spend a lot of time with the songwriting for RM and with the searching for a new member? It's six years ago "That 2 Smiles ago" came out.
Dim: I know that the guys had been looking for a singer for a long time. Through this time R.M’s first ideas came to life.
Michael: How has been the mastering process with Ted Jensen? Did you meet him in person?
Dim: No. We contacted him through the Internet. He very much liked our staff and accepted to do the mastering.
Michael: What was the reason that Loukas Panourgias left the band in 2009, if I may ask?
Dim: He decided to follow different musical paths but he is always there to support us.
Michael: What do you think about vinyl and its slow comeback? Is your album available on vinyl?
Dim: I don’t know whether vinyl will really come back. So many people out there go digital. R.M. will be available on vinyl if you want it to!
Michael: There seem to be a lot 'Porcupine Tree' and 'Anathema' influences in your music. Are you listening to their music? If so, what do you think about them?
Dim: I and the drummer John Dimoulas are very into Porcupine Tree’s music. These guys are great! I must say though that we do not include them in our direct influences. Perhaps we listen to the same music as they do!
Michael: What would you say are your personal favorite bands? What artists influenced you the most?
Dim: Let’s say I’m into prog rock and prog metal. Rush, King Crimson, Pink Floyd meet Symphony X, Orphaned Land as well as Fates Warning.
Michael: I heard some short traditional Greece sounds on the album. How important is stuff like that to you?
Dim: Very important. It’s in our blood… Traditional Greek music uses rhythms like 5/8, 7/8 and modal scales.
Michael: I really liked the album cover, just as I liked the one of "2 Smiles ago". Very stylish, and fits perfect to your music. Who made it? - Did you have any remarkable, special or funny moments with 'September Code' that you will never forget and maybe want to share with us?
Dim: Thank you very much! The artwork came from “Zila”. He is such a great artist and his work on R.M. is really great. Remarkable moments with the band? Of course! There are many little stories that we all will remember…well here comes one: In the studio, while Sotiris was recording the solo guitar for “W.A.R”, he plugged in his amp and played something, meanwhile our producer Mark Adrian had press the “REC” button on his console … Sotiris ended that “sample” idea and turned to Mark Adrian: “I will try something like that for solo”. Mark responses: “THAT will be the solo”. And so it happened… the guitar solo for “W.A.R.” was recorded in one take!
Michael: Did you ever play a cover song on stage?
Dim: Yes, we’ve played covers sometimes such as Rush, King Crimson covers and once… SOAD!
Michael: What's your favorite September Code track? Why?
Dim: I can’t decide. Each track is unique to me. Maybe I prefer playing live “Beautiful as a sin”, “Remembering mirrors”, “Echovirus”, “x-e-cute” and “Airth”. I know I mentioned 5 songs but, you see, every song has such an impact on me and includes a part of me … it’s really difficult to separate the concept of Remembering Mirrors
Michael: Do you live of making music or have you other jobs besides the band?
Dim: We live of our jobs and we live FOR making music! With this I mean that all of us have ‘regular’ jobs. But making music is a matter of life for us!
Michael: A few weeks ago, Ocean Mind released their album "2 Ready 2 Live". Do you know them? Or is the Greece rock scene too big? How’s the contact between Greek bands in general?
Dim: We know them, they are cool. The Greek rock scene has become big. Although I know a great number of bands, I believe that there are even more that I haven’t listened to yet. We contact by Internet and of course we meet in concerts. Needless to say that if you go out for a beer in Athens you will run into members of many bands!
Michael: What do you think, how has the music changed over the last 40 years and especially in the last years?
Dim: I can’t tell you about the last forty years, because I’ m thirty years old…! Seriously now, nowadays music develops really fast. Composers have open minds and mix several styles and sounds. As a result one can find a great variety of things to listen to.
Michael: Do you think that music will, in the future, become more significant for our everyday lives again? Like in the 70s, where it literally changed people’s lives?
Dim: Well, as far as I’ m concerned, music is totally significant for my life. I believe that music still is important for everybody but I’m not sure whether people will ever feel the urge to change the world again… I certainly hope so though!
Michael: What do you think: What’s the problem with the music today? It seems to become more and more superficial and random.
Dim: Nowadays anyone can write and promote music very easily (thanks to the Internet, the numerous music composition PC – programs etc.). That can be good and bad at the same time. If the motivation is not honest, then the music will of course sound superficial. But there are still some treasures out there!
Michael: Is there a favorite movie you wanted to bring in a song or compose the whole score?
Dim: I wouldn’t say a movie, but a book instead: Goethe’s Faust. Perhaps in RM’s concept you can find some elements of Dr. Faust’s character…
Michael: This year you are going to tour Europe. Where can we see you on stage?
Dim: By visiting us on our website (http// you can find information about our upcoming concerts and much more.
Michael: Is this your first time outside of Greece?
Dim: Yes, it’s our first time and we are absolutely looking forward to it.
Michael: How are the rock fans in Greece? Is there the same enthusiasm like in other parts of Europe? And how about the Groupies?
Dim: The Greek audience is very enthusiastic. Your local bands like Kreator and Rammstein can affirm this!
Michael: Thank you very much for the interview! Maybe a few final words for the people out there?
Dim: It was a pleasure Michael! The memory of our past reflections in the mirror is something we must not ignore. Our greatest enemy is just…our self!
Moderation: Michael Voit
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