Interview: Sepultura

mit Derrick Green vom 28. April 2013 in Würzburg
Viel zu selten verirrt sich mal eine brasilianische Band für eine ausgiebige Tour zu uns nach Deutschland. Was wissen wir überhaupt über die dortige Metalszene und welche Bandnamen würden uns spontan einfallen? Natürlich Soulfly! Vielleicht dem einen oder anderen auch die Jungs von Torture Squad? Aber wenn man schon Soulfly in den Mund nimmt, dann muss auch der Name Cavalera fallen. Die beiden Brüder Max und Igor gehören ja so ziemlich zu den Aushängeschildern des Landes, wenn es um harte Musik geht.
Eines der Projekte, das die beiden einst gründeten, ist die heute noch aktive Band Sepultura. Zwar sind beide nicht mehr Mitglieder der Truppe, doch trotzdem geht es für die verbliebenen Jungs mit der einen oder anderen Line-Up-Änderung heiter weiter. Dieses Jahr hat es sie mal wieder zu einer ausgiebigen Tour in unsere Gefilde verschlagen.
Zuletzt erschien im Jahr 2011 unter dem Titel Kairos ein neues Studioalbum der Band, doch wie uns Sänger Derrick Green im Interview in Würzburg verriet, ist bereits für Ende des Jahres ein Nachfolger geplant. Im Sommer soll es dann mit den Aufnahmen los gehen. Außerdem berichtet Derrick von seinem Weg zu Sepultura, seine und das Leben on Tour mit Lemmy Kilmister von Motörhead.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

The Interview:

Adrian Erben: Hello, this is Metal Trails and today we're at the Posthalle in Würzburg and we are talkin' to Derrick Green, Vocalist of Brazilian metal legend Sepultura.
Derrick Green: (with his deepest voice) Hello, this is Derrick Green, how are you?
Adrian: I feel good! Let's start... You joined the band in 1998...
Derrick Green: Correct!
Adrian: ... and followed former frontman Max Cavalera!
Derrick Green: I guess so!
Adrian: Have you been a fan of the band before or how did you get into their stuff?
Derrick Green: Well, I was a fan. I wasn't a fanatical fan, but I had a few albums, starting with Arise, and I really liked their sound, and once I got in their lyrics, I thought they we're unique. Metal Fans use to put things into categories, but I actually wasn't a Metal fan, because I don't like the lyrics of most the bands. I don't know what the fuck they're talkin' about, wizards and castles and all this fantasy stuff.
I was really much more about Punk Rock, a guy going to shows. And I like songs about social issues, because I can really relate to them. But it was great when Sepultura came around and made songs about Brazil and things going around. I became much more interested and I became also more comfortable because they played their own styles. I have been a fan since Arise and then time went on.
Adrian: You were born in the USA. Why are you interested in Brazil?
Derrick Green: Well, the band is from Brazil and I was livin' in New York and they had an audition in New York in 1998 for everyone in the world, and they had one song without vocals and they asked everyone to put their own vocals on that song. We could do whatever we wanted, it was our own decision how to interprete it. So I did the audition, they asked me to come to Brazil. It was the first time I went to Brazil, the first time I ever heard Portuguese and I even knew about it. It was my chance, so I took it. You know Sepultura is a Brazilian band, so that's why.
Adrian: Which song are you talkin' about?
Derrick Green: The song is called Joke! It's from the Against album.
Adrian: Maybe I should give it a listen?! Which bands did you listen to in your youth?
Derrick Green: I listened to lots of bands, especially punk bands like Black Flag, Cromax, Descendence, Bad Religion, the Chili Peppers – way back then ... (laughs)
Adrian: That sounds like you don't listen to them anymore...
Derrick Green: No, not so much. I was writin' a lot of songs back then. Times we're different. Generally I listen to lots of different stuff. I listen to everything that sounds good to me, but I grew up with Hard Rock, Hiphop, Punk...
Adrian: So you were not very much into Metal?!
Derrick Green: Well, I didn't tell you the whole truth (laughs)!
I liked it but I was much more in Punk Rock, because of the culture, and it wasn't that segregated, you know, at that time it was like if you listen to that, you got to wear the band uniform. All this silly stuff like if you listen to that, you can't listen to that. People are really closed-minded, and I didn't want to be part of one of these groups, I didn't want to put a label on me or put myself in a box, this is all very silly to me. Actually it's all about music, and music is about to be free. Music has no boundaries of colour or religion. I didn't hate Metal, there were some bands I liked who really really got it...
Adrian: I guess you are right with this!... Let's talk about touring. What was you're favourite tour up to date?
Derrick Green: One of the funniest tours that stick in my head was with Motörhead, we were touring with them in England and all over Europe and it was simply one of the best tours we've ever done. From many factors, Motörhead are legends, it was a dream that came true, they are really cool guys. It was a smooth tour, they have a Road Crew that worked with them for a very long time, there was simply a really cool spirit on the whole tour.
Adrian: So you of course met Lemmy Kilmister...
Derrick Green: Yeah, everyday at breakfast, lunch, dinner, we were all relaxing, talking and hangin' out together. It was definitively an unforgettable experience.
Adrian: Okay, then actually you have to know whether it's true that he's drinkin' whiskey all the time!
Derrick Green: No, he drinks just water, you know. He's like a healthy guy, he's vegetarian. I'm actually lying ... (laughs)
Adrian: Let's move on... You also played Rock in Rio...
Derrick Green: Yeah, we played there 2 of the 3 times. The first one was impossible 'cause we were kids, the second time I wasn't in the band yet, the third time was last year I think.
Adrian: There's a really big crowd, about 150,000.
Derrick Green: Oh yeah, it's incredible! There are lots of great bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, but also Beyonce ... every name there is just so huge. But not on the same day of course ...
Adrian: Now I wonder why you are playing in a little town like Würzburg!
Derrick Green: Well, there are people that love our music, too. It's important to play at lots of diverse places, that means in front of big crowds like Rock in Rio, but also small clubs. We started to play in small clubs, so we should not forget them. We try to play as much as possible. It's great for the people to see us play, it's great for us. If you are a big headed Rock Star, it is impossible to play here. I think it works out good some times, you know?
Adrian: Personally I think it's really great, because it's really difficult to get to Munich or Berlin and all these big cities.
Derrick Green: Exactly, you are right. You know, I also like to go to shows, and I prefer shows in small venues, because you are also much nearer to the band. I love to play music, and I appreciate it to play in a smaller city and have people right there in front of me, I still love that.
Adrian: Let's switch topic... Your last album was released two years ago. When can we expect the next one?
Derrick Green: I guess at the end of the year, October or November...
Adrian: So you have finished writing?
Derrick Green: Almost. We have to record it, I think we will start in June. We have the idea of it yet. We will go to Los Angeles and we will work with Ross Robinson – who did the roots album – and also Steve Abbots, who will be working on it as well, he did some albums. It will be a great change to do this outside of Brazil, it's been a long ago since we did this, I think the last time was '98.
Adrian: Do you think we will hear this change on the record when it is out?
Derrick Green: I think so! Most definitively, we've a drummer who is really young, has lots of great ideas, plays extremely heavy – it always looks like he's destroying the drums – I think this impact and recording outside of Brazil will make this record lots of different from the last one. Some of the music sounds extremely aggressive, really technical, I think there's more that traditional feeling of metal in it. But once it is recorded, it always sounds a little different than in my head, which is also a great pleasure, 'cause it's a surprise, you know? Usually it's really satisfying after the recording process.
Adrian: After we talked about your upcoming release, are there any other releases that you are lookin' forward to this year?
Derrick Green: (thinking a while) I think you gotta tell me what's coming out this year (laughs).
Adrian: For example, Black Sabbath will release their new album in June!
Derrick Green: Yeah, you're right, I just heard a new song of them yesterday, the new single I guess. What is it called, God is Dead? It's 9 minutes long, but for me it sounds really promising. But it sounds more than I Ozzy in my opinion! And then there is also another record, Alice in Chains. They released a single a couple of weeks ago, but I don't know whether the whole album is out yet.
Adrian: Unfortunately, time is running out. Thank you very much Derrick, it was a pleasure!
Derrick Green: Thank you, too. I appreciate it.
Moderation: Adrian Erben; Fotografie: Adrian Erben
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