Interview: Soulfly

mit Tony Campos vom 16. Juli 2013 im Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg
Wer kennt sie nicht, die Cavalera-Brüder aus Brasilien? Mit Bands wie Soulfly, Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy oder Nailbomb, haben die beiden die brasilianische Metalszene auf ein internationales Parket hieven können. Und was kennt man sonst so an Metalbands aus dem Land des Samba und des Karnevals? Gewiss nicht viele …
Wie wir schon beim Wacken Open Air 2011 im Gespräch mit Castor von Torture Squad erfahren haben, ist es um die Südamerikanische Musikszene bei weitem nicht so gut bestellt, wie es in Europa oder dem Norden des Amerikanischen Kontinents der Fall ist. Es fehlt an Labeln, an essentieller Infrastruktur und an Manpower. Aber das merkt man den Musikern an ihrer Laune und Spielfreude gewiss nicht an, wie die Jungs von Soulfly bei ihrer aktuellen Tour, bei der sie auch in Aschaffenburg Halt machten, überzeugend beweisen konnten.
Um ein bisschen über die aktuelle Lage bei Soulfly zu sprechen und mal einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der aktuellen Ereignisse der Musikwelt zu werfen, trafen wir uns kurz vor dem Konzert mit Bassist Tony Campos, der seit 2011 für die Truppe den 4-Saiter zupft. Dabei berichtet er uns unter Anderem, wie brasilianisch Soulfly sich selbst sehen und von seiner ominösen Vergangenheit als Schafhirte.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

The Interview:

Adrian Erben: Hey folks, this is Metal Trails and today we're at the Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg. Right now I'm sitting next to Tony Campos, the bass-man of american metal-legend Soulfly. Hello Tony, how are you?
Tony Campos: Thanks man, I'm fine.
Adrian: Currently you are touring Europe, are you happy by so far?
Tony Campos: Oh yeah, we had some amazing shows in the last few weeks. A couple of days ago we've been to Lübeck, the crowd there was absolutely great. I hope it will be similar tonight! The only really exhausting thing is the fuckin' jetlag. Everytime it fucks me up. I take some sleep and it's about midnight, really disturbing.
Adrian: What do you do against the jetlags? Do you consume energy drinks or stuff like that?
Tony Campos: No, I hate that kind of stuff. I also hate coffee, I don't like it's taste. Everyone in my family drinks coffee, but I don't like it at all. So there's no way to provide it ...
Adrian: Let's talk a bit about your time with Soulfly. You're a bandmember since 2011. Since then the band released the album „Enslaved“, another one is in the works right now ...
Tony Campos: Actually we've finished the album yet. It only took two weeks to record it which is by far the shortest time I ever heared of.
Adrian: Wow, this is really fast! How did you do this?
Tony Campos: Well, Max and his son Zyon – who is our new drummer – wrote the songs and started recording it. The only thing I had to do was to play the bass track upon it. Max recorded so many albums in his career, so he knows how to do it.
Adrian: That sounds pretty awesome! So I guess Zyon's drumming had a hearable influence on the new record?
Tony Campos: Yeah, definitely! He's a talented guy and plays lot's of technical stuff, I'm sure you will all like it.
Adrian: You managed it to get me curious! Well, I'll listen to it anyway. How does it come that an american guy joins a brazilian band?
Tony Campos: For me, Soulfly isn't a brazilian band! Max lives in Arizona for a long time now and so do the other members. His children were born there, so for me it's an american band. Back to the question: I know Max for a very long time now. When their bass player quit´he asked me whether I wanted to join. I wanted and so now I'm here with them. (both laugh)
Adrian: I read some interesting facts about your life and career.
Tony Campos: Well, now I'm excited! (laughs)
Adrian: While I prepared my questions, I read that you were a shepherd before you started playing bass guitar...
Tony Campos: A what? (laughs)
Adrian: A shepherd, you know that kind of guy who looks after sheeps ...
Tony Campos: Well, I was born in LA, there lives no fuckin' sheep in about 100 miles! (laughs)
I guess somebody made a joke.
Adrian: Lame, that would have been funny. Whatever! I also heared that you recorded incredible five albums last year?
Tony Campos: Yeah, that is true. I had nothing to do, because we were not touring that much, so I did some records, especially around christmas I was really busy...
Adrian: Wow, so you're currently in about five bands? You're a crazy guy!
Tony Campos: For that I'm sure!
Adrian: Who made you pick up your bass guitar?
Tony Campos: Actually it was a friend of mine who played in a band yet. Their bass player quit, so I filled in.
Adrian: Do you have any 'idols'?
Tony Campos: I always wanted to play my riffs like Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman from Slayer, for that I play really fast. I also use a pick because of that.
Adrian: You mentioned Jeff... How did you feel when you heard about his passing two months ago?
Tony Campos: This was really a bummer. No one of us even thought this would happen. He was such a nice guy, down to the ground. Really a sad story ...
Adrian: I agree with that, it's a shame that one has to pass in that age. Let's go on and talk about music in 2013. Did you hear the story about Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying)?
Tony Campos: The guy who apparently hired a killer? Yeah I heared of that, what a crazy story. I mean if it is true, we don't know that yet. We'll have to wait to see if it's true. I don't know As I Lay Dying that much, but it's an interesting story.
Adrian: In June, Black Sabbath released their first record with Ozzy since 1978 ...
Tony Campos: Amazing record, I think they did a really great job with that, especially after such a long time. The fans also appreciate it. It still sells really well even after one month.
Adrian: I guess you prefer Ozzy to Dio?
Tony Campos: What means prefer? Actually that are two different bands. Black Sabbath with Ozzy is more a blues band. With Dio, they were Heavy Metal. But yeah, I like them better with Ozzy!
Adrian: What are your future plans with the band?
Tony Campos: Well, we finish this leg of our tour very soon, then we'll go back over to America and continue touring there until February next year. At the end of the year we will release our next album, I'm really looking forward to that, and then we will see.
Adrian: Thanks Tony for giving us some time, I appreciate it!
Tony Campos: Thank you, too!
Moderation: Adrian Erben; Fotografie: Adrian Erben

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